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How to celebrate Halloween at the American Disneyland - decoration of the park for Halloween

I have repeatedly wrote Halloween is the main children's event in the United States. The costumes are made to be worn only on the Day of All Saints. On Christmas and New Year is no one else does! And, no matter how old you are, people of all ages are participating in the celebration of Halloween. You can be seen a 90-year-old grandmother-fairy or a 85-year-old grandfather-beetle in the USA. Here in the Disneyland for all 3+ :)

We celebrated two past Halloweens in New York (post can be found here), and Halloween 2016 we lucky celebrate in the country of Disney in California. Disneyland began to celebrate the feast of All Saints a month before the October 31st. The decorations (pumpkins of all shapes and colors) show the approaching of Halloween at Disneyland Park, as well as autumn flower beds, helloween costume parties at the night. We didn't have time on a night party, but we honestly skated on the rides a whole Disney day :) How it was in the photo report :)