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My name is Talia Radchenko. I am an author of women's portal

Why do I do the website for women?

Because I am a TV-journalist and a TV-host with a big experience of work on the Ukrainian TV. And... because I am a woman too:) I worked on the Ukrainian TV-channel "Inter", New Chanel, 5 Channel, TV-company Kiev. As a journalist and a presenter I made TV-materials about politics, economics, culture, education, medicine, even about sport in Ukraine.

How did the name of the Talia project and my journalist's nickname appear?

Today, Talia is my journalist's nickname and my short name in life. I began to use it in 2011, although, I was in journalism from 2001. The history of his appearance, I can say, is mystical.

Everything is very simple. At first, lets make this clear. My birth' name is Nataliia Radchenko. I always love it, but... TV prefers brighter journalist's names! The most women of my age in Ukraine have name Natalia. Also I lived in Kiev and it should be said a lot of people of Kiev have a surname Radchenko. But, I could not change my surname, because when my grandfather was dying, I promised him, that I will not change my maiden name all my life. I kept my promise, when I got married and I was not going to break it in any other case...

So, when I began to create my portal, in parallel, I was looking for a journalist's nickname for me. I was doing it long time. But one day morning I was sorting through documents, I have seen in an application for Ukrainian driver licence written in the distance two words "NA" and "TALIA". It was a sign. The new nickname was liked very much. So, our new website we made a decision to called This name fitted to my new portal, because one of the most common topics of was a losing weight. It should be said, in Russian, Talia means a waist! So, what may be more sucсessful for process of losing weight than a thin waist?

How did appear?

After moving in America, in New York, I decided to continue my job. At first, I worked with Ukrainian website, but we made a decision to create a new American women's portal in October, 2016.

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Talias in the history

Thalia Shire is an American an actress, a producer and a director. She was born in 1946. Thalia got this name from her parents as a sign of respect for the country of Italy, which was loved by the father and mother of the star.

The popularity of Thalia Shire brought the role of Connie Corleone in the "Godfather" of Francis Ford Coppola.

The mexican pop singer and actress Talia was born on August 26, 1971. She chose the alias from the four words of her name - Ariadne Talia Sodi Miranda. Currently, Talia has a lot of acting in serials and simultaneously recording albums with Latin American music, performing with concerts.