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Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

This university ranks first in America by the number of billionaires among graduates. The library of this university is the third largest in the US. Also this Higher Educational Institution is part of the Ivy League. It's Harvard - America's oldest university and one of the most famous in the whole world. It located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard University was founded on September 8, 1636. It named after the English patron of John Harvard who donated to the university his library and part of the fortune. At first, at Harvard, the clergy mostly could learn. In the 18th century, the university's programs became more secular, and by the end of the 19th century this higher educational institution earned a reputation as the best elite university in Boston.

Interesting facts about Harvard University

1. 8 US Presidents - Barack Obama, George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Rutherford Hayes, John Quincy Adams, John Adams graduated in Harvard.

2. The symbol of Harvard University is red color. Therefore, most of the buildings in Harvard, the form of the sports team of this university and the university newspaper are red. This color was officially selected by Harvard University in 1858. Then, a young graduate student, Charles William Elliot, bought red bandanas for his command to participate in a student regatta to distinguish Harvard students from students from other universities.

3. Asteroid Harvard, opened in 1912, was named in honor of Harvard University.

4. In the courtyard of Harvard University there is a statue of a sitting John Harvard. It is the work of the sculptor Daniel French. On the plaque under the monument is written: "John Harvard, a founder, 1638". Students of the university call this sculpture "The statue of a triple lie". Since, the monument does not represent John Harvard, but the student of the University of Sherman Hor, who posed for the sculptor. Harvard was not the founder of the university, but only his patron. The university was founded 2 years earlier than the date indicated on the plate.

5. The Harvard Bridge has unusual marks. They called "smoots". This measure length is about 170 cm and is not common, because ... this is the height of one of Harvard students Oliver Smoot. In 1958, the students decided to measure the Harvard Bridge with the help of one of their company. They moved Oliver Smoot in a reclining position, making the mark paint. The length of the bridge eventually turned out to be 364.4 smoots plus one ear :) Surprisingly, Oliver Smoot later became President of the American National Standards Institute, and later he became the head of the International Organization for Standardization.